work experience

  1. Snappfood - Front-end Developer

    largest online food ordering and grocery shopping platforms in Iran
    • React, Redux, Redux-Saga, TypeScript, Next.js, Storybook.
    • Develop new features in Agile with Design, QA, and other developers, Also maintain and debug the project. Review other team member's code.
    • Create a document for helping onBoarding new team members. I explained team structure and workflow.
  2. Rasa labs - Front-end Developer

    CCTV systems and Parental control
    • React, Redux, Socket.IO, Leaflet, Context API, Material-UI, JSS, React hook.
    • Maintaining Large legacy codes, and Developing new projects from scratch according requirements.
  3. Nabzino - Front-end Developer

    Digital marketing agency
    • (WordPress and front-end Development).
    • (WordPress and Plugin Development).
    • Front-End Developer - Dashboard with React, Redux, Material-UI, JSS, RTL.
  4. Arta Seo - Front-end and WordPress Developer

    Digital marketing agency
    • (PSD to WordPress). Creating a WordPress plugin to enter the buildings’ info such as floors, area, location, image gallery and etc. to show the buildings’ to the customers. There was also an advanced search page based on the buildings’ property.
    • (PSD to WordPress).
    • Developing Website for customers with WordPress from PSD to WordPress website
  5. Asr-e Digital - WordPress Developer and Website manager

    Online Store
    • WordPress Developer, Website management, and content editing.


  1. My Portfolio

    Portfolio with Gatsby, You are welcome to use this project to build your portfolio site.
    • Gatsby, React, SCSS.
  2. Iran bank card

    Customizable Iran bank card.
    • TypeScript, React, SCSS, Unit-test.
  3. HTML Banner

    HTML banners with focusing on pure CSS and JavaScript animation and interaction with the user's events also performance and size matters.
    • HTML, SCSS, pure CSS and JavaScript, Parcel.js.
  4. Iran Map - WordPress Plugin

    Add minimal and nice Iran map to your WordPress website. Interactive Iran Map, admin can link each city to specific link.
    • WordPress plugin Development, PHP, HTML, CSS.


  1. Responsive Web Design

    Developer Certification, representing approximately 300 hours of coursework
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